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Kavya Designs

Kavka Designs was founded in 2016, when wife and husband, Kelly and Chintan, merged their interests in manufacturing and art to create an online platform for artists to sell recreations of their art commercially. They started the company with three core values in mind: Innovation in state-of-the-art manufacturing, authenticity in working with independent artists around the world, and collaboration between creatives and creators to bring the artists vision to life and to your home.


When Chintan and Kelly met in 1999, they shared the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building a bridge from creator to consumer. Kelly grew up in St. Paul with an artist grandfather, who was in his bliss when he was creating things. Chintan grew up in Nepal, on the opposite side of the world, in his families manufacturing business, learning the value of supply chain at a very young age.


Once married, they started a company importing Nepalese handmade products to America. Unfortunately, like many start ups, it did not make it past the one year mark. So Chintan found a career in textiles and developed a keen eye for trending designs, becoming a trailblazer introducing area rugs to online shopping. Kelly stayed at home to raise their two children, later returning to the workforce in 2012 starting an art division with emerging artists.


After their combined twenty-five years in the textile and art world, they decided to take a leap of faith and return to what they loved most, create their own business…and Kavka Designs was born!


Fun Fact: Kavka Designs is named after Chintan and Kelly’s son and daughter, Kavi and Kate, who still reside at home in New York City and help with the family business.